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Advanced Facial Massage

75 minutes....$90.

A velvety serene touch smoothing away tension and stress written all over your face.  Transform dramatic cares of the day into blissful daydreams with an invigorating but gentle shoulder, decollete', scalp, face, and arm massage.  Tension lines will surrender as warm mineral and basalt stones draw new pathways of happiness, followed by a delightful scrub with luxurious warm moist towel applications.  This massage will leave your facial expression glistening with radiance.   

Mineral and Basalt Massage

90 minutes...$120.

Quietude awaits as your body renounces the stress of the day.  Rhythmic movements of massage with polished mineral and basalt stones radiate warmth to pacify tension guarded throughout the body, while cool stones are alternated to ease inflammation on sinus points and tense muscle areas.  

Comfortology Massage®

100 minutes.....$140.

Luxurious comfort abounds with a massage therapist/technician duo.  Unwind as warm compression and therapeutic massage techniques engage to relinquish muscular tension.  Gentle massage with warm basalt stones soothe ankle and foot tension, while your mind redirects to massage on your face, shoulders and back.

Sinus Passage Reprieve

45 minutes....$65.

60 minutes....$75.

Aromatic sprigs of peppermint garnish the atmosphere awakening the olfactory sensations.  Encourage drainage, ease feelings of congestion and irritation in sinus passageway with a warming massage of facial muscles, shoulders, sinus points, and scalp.  

Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes.....$45.

60 minutes.....$70.

90 minutes.....$90.

120 minutes....$140.

A fresh compilation of massage techniques inviting a choice of selections to focus on taming tension, connecting with your central nervous system, and relaxing your body language expression.  A brief consultation leads the therapist on a quest to put into place an array of techniques, pressure, and modalities specific to the client's concerns and well being.

(Please allow 5-10 minutes complimentary for consultation prior to start time of massage)

Back Scrub

75 minutes.....$90.

Warmth of therapeutic massage techniques, Comfortology compression packs and scrub textures offer sensations of relief for stressed out muscles in your shoulders and back while the skin is left with a soft, subtle glow.

Bamboo Fusion

60 minutes....$90.

90 minutes....$120.

As an Add On.....$30.

A therapeutic massage using traditional massage techniques combined with Bamboo, in different lengths.  The bamboo is heated to offer luxurious warmth for tired and stressed out muscles, allowing deeper pressure for areas in need of more specific bodywork.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

60 minutes.....$80.

90 minutes.....$100.

Refine and maintain your muscle health with a therapeutic massage combined with warm Himalayan Salt stones to soften muscle tension and allow deeper work in less time.  Himalayan salt absorption may offer relief from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and lower back pain as well as improved sleep.

Cupping Massage

As an Add On....$15.

A Therapeutic massage with vacuum therapy is non-invasive..  A gentle way to produce results for many common conditions such as sciatica, sinusitis, scoliosis, headaches, inflammatory conditions, and management of pain.  

Foot Detox

30 minutes....$35.

Ionic Cleanse Detox Foot Bath, before a therapeutic massage is best, but can be done without massage as well.  May help the body reduce fluid retention and inflammation, balance pH, build stronger immune system, offer relief for conditions such as arthritis, gout and headaches.


60 minutes....$60.

90 minutes.....$75.

Reiki healing energy is gentle and non-invasive.  No manipulation of the body's tissue.  It helps restore the body's natural flow of energy and supports the ability to self-heal more rapidly.  No hocus pocus, just a warm touch, loving embrace of touch.

Ear Candling

60 minutes....$35.

An alternative, warm, gentle way to remove wax build up from ear canal.