Take advantage of special SAVINGS at Refinery501

Introducing Refinery501's

Platinum Client 20% SAVINGS

A 20% discount is now available to regular clients of Refinery501 for massage self care.  

Take advantage of services offered on our brochure and website for yourself. 

The 20% may not be combined with any other offer or monthly specials.  

(Exceptions apply to yearly pre-pay clients and discount

 limitations on gift card purchases as described below)

Would you like to refer someone to 

R‚Äčefinery501 to become a regular client?

To become a regular client:  

A new client will need to schedule and attend 6 regular

price massage sessions within a 6 month time frame. 

After the 6th session, the client will be considered

a regular client, being eligible to receive the

Platinum Client 20% SAVINGS

After the new client becomes a regular client, BOTH you and the new regular client will receive


Want to save even more...

For established yearly  clients, (or if you would like to become a yearly client), 

when pre-paying for 12 (or more) massage sessions at regular price, 

you will receive the 20% discount plus an extra $100 will be taken off the bottom line

 price after the discount.  The pre-paid sessions may only be used

by the person purchasing the yearly pre-paid sessions.

How are Gift Card Purchases affected?

Gift cards will be sold at regular price to every client and also as separate sale

 items throughout the year - the Platinum Client 20% SAVINGS unfortunately

 will NOT apply in addition to regular price or sales price gift cards at any time.