Refinery501 Massage Services

Comfortology Array

 About your comfort... 


                  Opulence & Compression, The True Comfortology Massage...

                            Luxurious comfort abounds with a massage therapist duo.

          Unwind as warm compression and therapeutic massage techniques engage to relinquish muscular tension.

          Begin with gentle therapeutic massage utilizing warm basalt stones to soothe ankles and feet, while your mind redirects to revitalizing touch on your scalp and face, with placement of cool polished minerals on your face graduating massage strokes to shoulders and arms directing warm basalt stone accents.

          Client transition will shift focus to posterior bodywork, allowing gentle massage on the scalp leading into therapeutic massage on the shoulders and back, first with warm oil, and second with soft enzymes to nourish, and a poignant warmth of moist towels doffing excess product from the skin. Although your soul will be basking in glory, true surrender may only be achieved as warm oil is first massaged onto the legs, preparing for a light exfoliating body scrub massaged onto to the lower legs and feet, with a warm moist towel finale'.

          90 minutes.....$140        2 Hours.....$180     

                Savoir Faire... 

          A fresh compilation of massage techniques inviting a choice of Comfortology selections focusing on ways of taming tension to relax our mind and body. A brief consultation leads the therapist on a quest to put into place an array of techniques, pressures, and modalities specific to the client's concerns and well being. Please allow 15 minutes complimentary for consultation prior to start time of massage.

          30 minutes.....$45       60 minutes.....$70       90 minutes.....$90           2 Hours.....$120

                Visage Velour...

          A velvety serene touch smoothing away tension and stress written all over your face. Transform the dramatic cares of the day into blissful daydreams with an invigorating but gentle massage of your shoulders, decollete', scalp, and face.  Tension lines ratified toward surrender as warm Basalt stones and cool polished Mineral stones invite new pathways of happiness.  Followed by a professional cleansing massage using invigorating hand techniques and luxurious exfoliation to revitalize the appearance of your skin, leaving you glistening with radiance. (Use of Basalt, Malachite, Tigers Eye, Snowflake Obsidian, Mookaite, Agate, Rose Quartz, and Hematite)

         75 minutes.....$90          

                  Precious Repose...

           Quietude awaits as your body renounces the stress of the day.  Refreshing passive accents of cool polished minerals applied to your face, soothe stressed facial muscles. Rhythmic movements of warm basalt stones radiate warmth to pacify tension guarded throughout the entire body.  Warm compression mellows tension, allowing exhilarating relaxation.

          90 minutes..........$115

                  Exfoliantly Amazing...

          Drenched with warmth and textures, stressed out muscles of the back and shoulders may not stand a chance. Experience sensations of relief and comfort, first, with a warm oil therapeutic massage, followed by cleansing massage encompassing tranquil touch . Proceeding with an exfoliating enzyme dance of soft textured massage prevailing the decrease of expired skin cells in need of some encouragement to move on. Refined with professional moisturizer and serum to offer repair and protection of new skin cells.

          90 minutes.....$90

                  Passage Reprieve...

          Aromatic sprigs of peppermint garnish the atmosphere awakening olfactory sensations, stimulating congested or irritated sinus passageways. Massage of the muscles and soft tissues of the face and scalp may relieve pressure, allowing the body's natural ability to decrease inflammation in the sinus areas, encouraging drainage and healing.

          45 to 60 minutes.....$60